New Blightbound Gameplay Trailer Shows Heroes Brawling Through Fat Clouds Of Evil Monster Vape

After Ronimo Games’ first announcement for their upcoming title Blightbound, we already had a pretty good idea of what it was going to be like. As said in our previous article, the game looks dope and probably will be dope. But with a new gameplay trailer released for last week’s PC Gaming Show, we can now say conclusively that Blightbound still looks dope and will still probably be dope. 

Blightbound takes place in a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy universe. Years back, heroes slayed a terrible colossus, the Shadow Titan, and while their victory seemed to be a decisive win against the forces of darkness, the monster’s body released toxic fumes that covered the entire world. This fog is called the “blight,” and it corrupts any creature caught within into a horrible monster. The last refuge of humanity lives upon a mountain top, and you play as a hero who must venture into the blight below in order to scavenge supplies and slay the beasts. 

As seen in this latest gameplay trailer, each expedition into the blight has three heroes from three different classes; a warrior, an assassin, and a mage. Each hero fills a different role in the party (presumably your typical tank, DPS, and healer). However, this is a game with dozens of different heroes. Ronimo Games is best known for Awesomenauts, 2D MOBA with probably 30 unique heroes. So we already know each character is going to have unique and interesting gameplay and abilities. 

The only other new detail was names of the three areas that will appear in Blightbound. The “Gravemark,” the “Underhold,” and the “Blood Ridge” (I thought the narrator in the trailer said “blood beach” and that sounded like a cool band name). Each of these zones has several dungeons to conquer. It is unknown if this will be a procedurally generated game, or if the dungeons are pre-made. 

Blightbound will be coming to early access on Steam sometime this year. You can wishlist the game by clicking on their Steam page here, and for more information, you can follow Ronimo Games on Twitter here.

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