NecroBouncer Ready for December Release

The procedurally-generated pixelated dungeon crawler NecroBouncer will come to PCs (via Steam) on December 8. A free prologue featuring all of the game’s relics and the first couple levels is available to try out now. Check out the reveal date trailer, which dropped earlier this week.

NecroBouncer will include Twitch integration right at launch, allowing you to aid or cause a ruckus for your favorite content creators during a broadcast. Paying homage to old-school style hack and slash games, you’ll fight hordes of imps and nightclub kingpins running the show. When you expire, you can carry over your abilities and inventory for the next attempt you make. That means making a build that suits your playstyle with a number of different items and relics. Use the NecroCat or less-fuzzy Bartender for aid, as long as the latter has a few moments. Just keep on beat, as nobody likes having to deal with a party foul!

NecroBouncer Screenshot Scarecrow Boss
Stay on beat, defeat mobs of enemies, and enjoy challenging boss battles this December.

NecroBouncer is based in part on my own life, as I live in an actual Slovenian dungeon. I’m not much of a party person, but I do know how to cook up a great game. And a mean bowl of cereal. I can’t wait for players to try it out for themselves soon! Unfortunately, my cereal will not be included.”

Andraž Oražem, Founder/Developer, Alchemy Sheep

Publisher Ravenage Games believes that in game development, decisions must be clear and quick to build trusting relationships between game creators and deliver quality products. The team focuses on substantial developer relations experiences.

Alchemy Sheep is a one-person operation based in Slovenia. Andraž Oražem combines his passion for game development, pixel art, and concepts that involve thinking outside the box. NecroBouncer marks the studio’s debut on Steam.