My Beautiful Paper Smile Final Chapter Released

My Beautiful Paper Smile dropped its final chapter yesterday on Steam. This marks the fourth chapter into the atmospheric thriller developed by Two Star Games. A mad king has ordered the player character to always wear a mask. Showing emotions can spell their doom.

The dystopian thriller features hand-drawn imagery, giving it an eerie, unnerving vibe. All of it, from characters to objects to locations, is pencil art. Not only is there a mystery involving the player, but the world itself brings up a number of questions through environmental storytelling. Minimalist sound design means that what you do hear (and, perhaps, what you don’t) is important and relevant to the atmosphere.

In addition to My Beautiful Paper Smile’s focus on worldbuilding and story, there are a number of gaming genres which diversify gameplay. One minute, you could engage in combat with giant monstrous spiders. The next, you could try to hide from the authorities and avoid capture. Beneath all of it, however, is a lurking feeling of dread and entrapment.

Find My Beautiful Paper Smile on the official Steam page. From there, you can Wishlist and follow the latest news. It has a slight discount now at 10% off, but it will be 25% off for Steam’s upcoming Halloween Sale. Don’t forget to check out the spooky trailer the team dropped yesterday for the full release. It’s pretty intense.

My Beautiful Paper Smile Screenshot Light
The black-and-white style means that light in My Beautiful Paper Smile stands out.

Two Star Games is a solo developer. Other titles include My Friend is a Raven and horrifying train monstrosity Choo-Choo Charles. Find their work on their Steam Creator page.

V Publishing is a small publisher that works with indie developers. My Beautiful Paper Smile was the first title the company picked up for publishing. Since its inception, V Publishing has expanded to include Fallen Angel, Syntherapy, Interference, and Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness.