Mothmen 1966 key art cast

Mothmen 1966 Taking Flight July 14

Fans of cryptids rejoice! Mothmen 1966 draws ever nearer to release. This summer, you can experience the fearful raw charisma of the mothmen on the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (through Steam). Stay cool and try to beat the heat (the MIB and the temperature, naturally) starting July 14.

Taking place in November 1966, a couple of lovebirds, an investigator, and a gas station owner entangle themselves in a big mystery. The Leonids, a meteor shower that takes place every November, peak every three decades or so. Mothmen 1966 creates a tense, suspenseful atmosphere with an aesthetic that recalls 80s-era adventure games and game books. The graphics resemble the ZX Spectrum’s visuals and limitations. The art makes use of dithering to add shading and depth, and the lo-fi soundtrack adds an eerie air of mystery to the whole thing. Search for the titular cryptids using your binoculars, and delve deeper into the conspiracy behind the mothmen.

Mothmen appear in local myths in parts of West Virginia, similar to Bigfoot or the Beast of Bray Road. By complete coincidence, the first reported alleged sighting of the creature stems from Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in November 1966. Two couples claimed to have seen the creature and said that it pursued them until they arrived at a nearby National Guard Armory. Since then, the mothman has appeared in various forms of media, from horror to the Shin Megami Tensei series of RPGs. Their existence is unconfirmed, but they’re real in your heart.

If you’ve played old adventure games, you might find Mothmen 1966 familiar and charming.

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