Lorn’s Lure Lets You Leap Around Dark and Terrifying Environments

There’s always platforming to be had in video games. Lorn’s Lure seeks to give you some, but in a horror environment. Also you’re following a ghost around, which seems like a bad idea in general.

Available to wishlist on Steam today, Lorn’s Lure is a horror platformer where you’re equipped with a pair of pickaxes. This is rather important, as you can use those pickaxes to climb any surface in the world. You don’t need to look for little ledges to crawl on, or special glowing things to hang from. These pickaxes let you really explore as much of the environment as you want. This is a good thing, as the world is large, barren, and forboding.

Your goal is to follow this little ghost-like creature that causes the screen to glitch out when you’re near it. This is because you’re playing as an android, one that has left its home specifically to track this glitch and discover what the secret behind it may be. Along the way you’ll discover there’s more to this glitch than meets the (robot) eye, and why you really chose to leave your home.

If this sounds exciting to you, you can add Lorn’s Lure to your Steam wishlist by going to the Steam page here. The game is set to launch some time in 2021.

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