Lords of Exile Kickstarter Reaches Funding Goal In Just Two Days

Lords of Exile has just reached the first funding milestone of their Kickstarter project within the first two days. Created by solo dev CZAzuga of Squidbit Works, Lords of Exile is a retro throwback that is so accurate it looks like it really could be a 90’s classic SNES or Sega Genesis game. 

Lords of Exile is a metroidvania that takes place in the Lands of Exilia, a setting somewhat reminiscent of ancient Japan. You play as a cursed knight named Gabriel, who must make his way across this dark hellscape and exact revenge, presumably upon those who cursed him. 

Basically, it’s Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, but if Dracula was a shogun. So maybe Pagodavania? In any case, the visual style is spot on for classic Metroidvania games, as is the music. Incredible composers such as Yozu Koshiro of Streets of Rage, Pentadragle of Cyber Shadow, and Dominic Ninmark of Blazing Chrome. As you heard in the trailer, the soundtrack alone already sets this game apart from the rest. 

Lords of Exile has 23 days remaining in its fundraising campaign. It will be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam. To donate or for more information, you can click here and check out their Kickstarter page.

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