Live Your Dino Crisis Remake Dreams In A Hilariously Janky Fashion

Mods can get away with a lot of jank. For me, the jankier the better. Like the polished models and painstakingly perfect animations to the professionals. It’s not a real mod unless enemies habitually get stuck in walls and there’s at least one broken texture that breaks the game. It was a glorious time when you would join random Counter-Strike servers and just have to guess what the giant red ERROR! textures were supposed to be. Probably catgirls.

So when I feast my eyes upon the glorious jank that is Dino Evil 3, I can’t help but get a warm feeling in the pit of my soul. It is one of the most gloriously janky abominations to ever bless the web. A mod for the recently released Resident Evil 3, it changes Jill a bit to look kinda like Regina, and all the enemies are now raptors. But not realistic raptors. Like those inflatable dinosaur costumes that you use to make memes. Big shout out to the creator DarknessValtier for daring to let the world see his work.

As you can see from the trailer above, it has all those telltale signs of a classic amateur fan-mod. The dinosaurs are clipping into the environment. They can’t even interact with doors. As far as I can tell, the raptors are just redesigned Hunter models. But with none of that design work going into making them functional. But honestly? Who the fuck cares. The game has been out for just under three weeks, and you can now play it with dinosaurs.

The mod is completely free, so you might as well download it as a laugh. You’ll need a mod-manager, but if you’re already familiar with downloading mods you should know how that all works. In any case, it’s all in the NexusMod description. You will still need Resident Evil 3 to play it, which you can get for $60 by clicking here.

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