Kingdom: The Blood Reveals First Gameplay Trailer

Kingdom: The Blood is an upcoming Korean action RPG based on the Netflix zombie drama series Kingdom. Look for it on PCs and mobile devices worldwide when it launches. There is no official release date at this point in time, though Action Square will release more information in the future as it approaches. For the time being, you can watch the short trailer on the official Action Square Youtube channel.

Keeping in theme with the source material, Kingdom: The Blood seeks to recreate the characters, zombies, and visceral action in 3D. The team has worked to ensure that Korean culture is treated with care and respect, both in terms of gameplay and aesthetics. A professional Korean sword dancer provided motion capture to recreate traditional Korean combat styles. The player will journey through gorgeous Korean palaces and the zombie-infested city of Hanyang, taking on both human and zombified foes along the way. Various costume options, including the traditional Hanbok, use colors and textures found in 16th-century Korea. In addition to the care given to cultural aesthetics, the story mode will follow the plot of the Netflix drama. Conquest Mode serves as a series of short, five-minute battles. It will also feature various multi-boss battles and PvP combat. Look forward to more information in future announcements.

The source material, Netflix’s Kingdom, launched on the platform in 2019. The Korean drama has two seasons and tells the story of the crown prince as his kingdom falls apart due to a mysterious plague.

Action Square is a developer focusing on action games. Their first release, action RPG Blade (2014), was the first mobile title to win the Korea Game Award President’s Award. They’ve also launched Blade Three Kingdom and Blade 2. As of August 2021, the team has pivoted to PC and console gaming with action shooter ANVIL. The company, founded in 2012, operates out of the capital city, Seoul. Announced last August, details surrounding their latest project, Kingdom: The Blood have been sparse.