Janitor Bleeds Sweeping to Steam in April

Janitor Bleeds will come to Steam on April 7. The retro-inspired title takes place in an abandoned arcade after the protagonist crashes their car.

The mysterious arcade machine, Janitor, beckons invitingly for you to play it. When you do so, however, it unleashes a terrible malevolent force upon you. To survive, you’ll need to keep playing, but as you play the events in the game begin to warp the real world. With triangle-pattern floors and neon lighting, it’s got a distinctly 90s aesthetic that will delight your sense of nostalgia. As you continue playing the deadly game, you’ll solve puzzles and open up new paths, both in and out of Janitor. Keep the game satisfied, and you may still escape with your life.

Right now, you can support Janitor Bleeds by Wishlisting it on Steam. There’s also a trailer from Bonus Stage Publishing for you to watch if you want to relive thirty years ago. Can’t wait for the full release? Korpus has you covered. Check out the Janitor Bleeds itch.io page for more information about joining the game’s private beta.

Janitor Bleeds Screenshot Office
Now, there was a song that this reminded me of. What was it called, again?

Four people make up Korpus, a Finnish game developer. Their first project was Korpus: Buried over the Black Soil released in February 2020. It is a narrative-driven PS1-styled horror game. Janitor Bleeds began as a DLC for Korpus: Buried over the Black Soil. Rather than focus on the narratives like their debut title, Korpus decided to develop a robust gaming experience for their players.

Publisher Bonus Stage Publishing, also based in Finland, publishes indie games. Since its founding in 2019, they have worked to bring ten games each year to publication. Some of their titles include Sunblaze, Warshmallows, Rogue Robots, and the prologue for Last Soul.