Interdimensional Psychological Horror Immure: Part Two Launches On PC, Part One Now Free

Yesterday brought the release of the latest chapter of psychological horror Immure. This title is a project by Wither Studios, a name you might recognize from their contribution to the Dread X Collection 2: Touched by an Outer God. Wither Studios is also the developer behind Crowman & Wolfboy, as well as Wither team member Portable Moose’s Sally Face. In celebration of Immure: Part Two the first part of Immure is now free to play.

Immure follows the story of Will, a man trapped in the mysterious and foreboding Mansion, unable to leave. In order to escape, he must traverse through strange doors that lead to different, often dangerous, dimensions. With the help of the Shining Trapezohedron (is that a real shape?) Will must decide whether or not to save or destroy the creatures within these cursed realms (it is a real shape, a 10 sided diamond looking thing). 

As the press release states, these are the features of Immure

  • Story-driven experience which explores many themes throughout
  • Several chapters all with their own unique mystery, environment, and cast of unusual characters
  • Unique art style with a blending of 2D and 3D with real-time lighting/shadows
  • Multiple endings and ways to progress through different parts within the game
  • AI that make use of light and sound to hunt the player throughout the environment
  • Clues/Journal System which will aide the player in solving mysteries
  • Inventory Management System inspired by classic survival horror games
  • The Shining Trapezohedron

You can play Immure for free on Steam by clicking here. And to purchase Immure: Part Two, click here.

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