Insomnis Screenshot Mansion

Insomnis Available on Nintendo Switch

Insomnis is now available on your Nintendo Switch, letting you take the Path Games first-person horror experience on the go. Find it digitally for $14.99 or local equivalent on the Nintendo eStore (US store link). It is also available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam. There may be a special boxed edition in your region, too.

The Nintendo Switch edition comes with a few nifty new features to bring new frights to the table. Make use of the Joycon and HD vibration with the new interaction system. You can also utilize the Switch’s touch screen to interact with objects and solve puzzles. The port runs at 720p in handheld portable mode and at 1080p in Dock mode.

Previously released on other platforms earlier this year, Insomnis tells the story of Joe Castevet. Joe has recently inherited an old mansion out in the countryside. What he doesn’t realize is that the mansion, and his family legacy, suffers from a terrible curse. Fight destiny as you explore the decrepit abode. Nothing is as it seems, the rooms shifting and changing and bringing your worst nightmares to life. Solve puzzles in your search for answers, but your actions will ripple though the cast and determine their fates.

Insomnis Screenshot Hall of Hands
For all the times I’ve told people to not just stand there and give me a hand, here are all the hands at once.

Spanish videogame developer Path Games seeks to tell stories with deep narrative threads and gloomy, oppressive atmospheres. Gonzalo G. Luna (Programmer/Designer) and Virginia Calvo (Designer/Arist) founded the Barcelona-based studio in 2018. Insomnis is the team’s first major retail project, originally launched on Steam January 2022.

Meridiem Games is an indie publisher and distributor for modern video game platforms. They specialize in providing physical editions, including titles such as Fahreinheit (PlayStation 4), KUNAI Day One Edition, Daymare: 1998 Black Edition, Pang Adventures Buster Edition and many more.