Impaler Hero Key Art

Impaler and Project Warlock Crossover Coming Next Week

Upcoming arena shooter Impaler will have a crossover with Project Warlock. Starting next week on Tuesday, December 6, you can find enemies and weapon skins from the latter in Impaler. This event will run for a limited time, ending on January 5, 2023. Snag it on Steam for $2.99 or regional equivalent, also on December 6. See the sharp, stompy trailer for yourself, which debuted on the Retrovibe YouTube channel a few months back.

The Demoness will appear in the cathedral, and you can use the Harvester shotgun to put a stop to her plans. Shoot demons or summon spikes to impale them, build barriers, and get to higher ground. The fast-paced gameplay results in quick and intense playthroughs, with the roguelike elements making each run a special challenge. A custom-built game engine made in C + OpenGL supports the game. Solo developer Apptivus created and worked on the project over the past four years. The original pixel art takes inspiration from 90s shooters and the soundtrack makes use of retro synth and metal sounds to invoke strong feelings of nostalgia.

Impaler Screenshot Spikes
Conjuring spikes has never been so fun. Check out Apptivus and Retrovibe’s Impaler starting December 6.

Project Warlock recently turned four and remains a popular, well-regarded game on Steam. It sits at 93% positive reviews and recently launched a PC Big Box with assistance from horror legend John Romero. Project Warlock II launched this past June to similarly positive reception. It plays quite a bit like Impaler, with an emphasis on fast-paced gameplay and gorgeously retro aesthetics.

Solo developer Apptivus creates toys, software, and video games. Impaler is the first product from the dev on Steam.

Retrovibe is a publisher that focuses on new indie games with, appropriately enough, retro vibes. A group of experienced industry professionals founded the company in 2021.