Ikai Trailer Is The Spooky Japanese Horror You’ve Been Waiting For

Spanish developers Endflame released a prototype trailer for their first title, a psychological horror game Ikai. The inspiration for Ikai comes from the folklore of Feudal Japan. The temple in which this takes place is being haunted by Yokai, a general term in Japanese that means ghosts or other supernatural creatures. Expect a lot of long gangly fingers and big ghost smiles.

In Ikai you play as Naoko, a priestess in a Japanese temple. The website’s synopsis of the story is poorly translated somewhat, but it seems to begin when Naoko receives a distressing letter from her family. She leaves for the village, and the temple is left unguarded. While outside the temple she loses consciousness and wakes up within the now defiled walls of the formerly sacred place. The shadows come to life, and she must survive the Yokai haunting by writing protective seals and exploring the temple, careful not to disturb the monsters within

Ikai has no official release date but is scheduled for sometime in 2021. A demo for the game is available on itch.io, which you can find here. And for more information, you can check out their Steam page here.

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