If There’s Any House To Get Murdered In, It’s Murder House

When you go to the murder house you get murdered. This is common knowledge. Now in Murder House you can visit a murder house and get murdered, as one does.

Murder House has you playing as a news team that breaks into the home of Anthony Smith, a serial killer known as the Easter Ripper. While Anthony Smith is long gone, they believe there’s a story to be had in exploring his own home. Of course, they’re in a murder house, so soon it appears the Easter Ripper has returned from the grave and is picking the news team off one by one. Will they survive? Probably not, but that’s the fun of it!

Its been a while since we’ve seen a true PlayStation 1-styled horror game, and Murder House is looking to replicate that feel. This is to the point that the game’s Steam page straight up says it uses tank controls and Quake-styled controls in first person, and if you don’t enjoy that then you won’t enjoy the game. It leans into the aesthetic hard, and it all comes together in one package that really looks great. So great you could die for it.

If Murder House seems like your jam, you can grab it on Steam right now.

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