Holomento, Permadeath RPG, Entering Early Access in April

Following its successful Kickstarter campaign last March and extensive Alpha testing, Holomento will enter Early Access on Steam and GOG. Beginning April 27, explore and rebuild a massive world in this permadeath action RPG with rogue-lite elements. As for a full release date, the Steam page suggests sometime later this year.

The overworld in Holomento is a massive affair. Over time, the player’s actions can influence it by rebuilding villages and towns. They can also unlock shortcuts to make travel easier. The dungeons themselves come generated while stuffed full of terrors. In the Early Access version, you’ll be able to get into the first dungeon and begin rebuilding the first town. The majority of the core mechanics are ready to go, and fans can take a look at Eventide Hollow for themselves.

The curse on Eventide Hollow had caused it to fall into despair and disrepair. The Holomento, its source, was also its only source of protection. Now, you’ll take control of generations of Travelers as they pass through. Uncover secrets, recover ancient relics, and build infrastructure to make the next journey that little bit easier. There’s a whole trailer on the Deck13 YouTube channel to go along with the announcement, too. Take a look and see.

I can’t help but shake the Prisoners of the Ghostland vibes. Maybe you feel the same way? There’s kind of an Old West/Asian combo meal going on.

Developer Sean Weech is “a wicked madman” developing Holomento as a mostly-solo project alongside a few freelancers and independent contributors. Some say that Mr. Weech is, in fact, a “gamedev vampire” and never sleeps. Not to editorialize, but we at Dread XP hope that he can get a good sleep in sometime soon.

Deck13 Interactive is one of the leading developers in Germany. The Frankfurt-based company develops award-winning titles for both PCs and consoles. Deck13 Spotlight is a publishing service that helps indie creators bring projects to broader audiences.