GTFO Receives Massive Update, Free Steam Weekend

Congratulations! You can now GTFI and play GTFO for free this coming weekend. Running from June 16 to June 20, you can play for free. Good thing, too, since it just dropped its seventh major content update. Check out the trailer for more of the new visuals.

The newest rundown for GTFO includes ten new expeditions, the Gardens environment, a new solo tutorial, and two new horrifying enemies. Rundown 7.0 Rise is the latest update to grace the game. Rundowns are regular updates that add new content to the game, including limited-time expeditions (maps, enemies, scenarios, and so on) that completely replace the previous Rundown experience. The new Gardens update adds some much-needed color to the otherwise cold, industrial interiors, but it is no less dangerous than its counterparts.

GTFO 7.0 Gardens Screenshot
The gardens add a new level of potential biological horror to y our routine.

“It feels great to deliver one more major update for free to our GTFO community while at the same time being able to invite everyone to try out GTFO during our free weekend on Steam. To make onboarding a bit easier for new Prisoners brave enough to embark down in The Complex, we’ve added a solo tutorial level that will teach you the basic ropes of GTFO. But don’t keep playing solo; it’s still best to play with friends; work together, or die together.”

Robin Bjòrkell, Communications Director, 10 Chambers

Look forward to a number of quality-of-life improvements in 7.0, too. New sound effects, dynamic music, updated animations, and better localization will all help to improve the experience.

10 Chambers, founded in 2015, works out of Stockholm, Sweden. Ulf Andersson, founder of Overkill Software, founded the company. GTFO is 10 Chambers’ debut title, and the studio boasts veterans from the Payday series. Andersson himself is the brain behind the long-running co-op crime spree titles.