Griefhelm Is Nidhogg Souls

We are now one month away from the long awaited Griefhelm. Created by indie developer Johnny Dale Lonack, Griefhelm is a hardcore 2D swordfighting game that requires strategy and care. Having been in production for years, with even a playable demo available since 2018, the upcoming release comes with a new trailer as well.

Griefhelm is an almost simulation-like fighting game. With a back-and-forth deathmatch style, this medieval dueling game has drawn heavy parallels with Nidhogg. But unlike its quirky norse contemporary, Griefhelm has a campaign mode as well as duels and deathmatches. And according to the trailer, there seems to be some character customizability as well.

Griefhelm will be launching on August 20th. It will be available on the PC. For more information or to wishlist the game, you can check out their Steam page here.

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