Gladiatorial Roguelite Gone Viral Will Soon Enter Early Access

Remember that Gerard Butler movie Gamer? This is kind of like that, but really good. Gone Viral was created by Skullbot Games, best known for the MMO Wildstar. This new title is an isometric take on the roguelite genre. In Gone Viral you play as a prisoner, who is more or less a willing participant in a grand gladiatorial event. Televised across the world to all forms of man and mutant, this gameshow is a thrilling bloodbath in this over-the-top setting.

 Not only do you fight in the traditional sense, throughout the stages are various mutators, which do exactly what you’d expect. Grow massive arms or the ability to fly. Become immune to explosions and deflect bullets. Mixing the item synergy of The Binding of Isaac and the lightning fast bullet hell of Nuclear Throne, the builds and battles of Gone Viral are an evergreen source of excitement and fun gameplay.

Gone Viral does not, in fact, refer to a virus. A poorly timed coincidence, the title is actually referring to going viral on the internet, as does your character in the game. For those who like to stream, you can actually get some audience participation; viewers choose what kind of rewards you deserve, be it a health pack or a rain of missiles. As for the rest of us, there is a virtual audience available as well, which have various preferences and who similarly react to your playstyle.

Gone Viral will be entering early access on September 24th. You can wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here. And we at Dread XP actually have a podcast interview with some of the creators, which you can listen to here

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