G String May be the Cyberpunk FPS to Hold You Over Until Cyberpunk 2077

It’s always shocking to me when I hear a game was made entirely by one person. Such is the case with G String, a recently released Cyberpunk FPS that has been in the works for 13 years and is made entirely by a one-woman dev team.

The game is entirely made on the Source engine and is entirely the work of Eya Eyaura. You play as a Korean woman named Myo Hyori who finds herself inside of a giant cyberpunk-esque city. Her goal? Not just to escape the city, but Earth entirely. Thankfully, she has guns, a bio-suit that lets her breathe underwater, and both telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers to assist her. So if anything gets in her way it likely won’t be too much of a threat.

While G String being made from the Source engine means it can’t entirely escape the feeling of looking like a very good Half-Life 2 mod, it doesn’t change the fact that the game is still rather impressive for a one-person work. The trailer shows off some pretty great art direction, and the game looks like it’s rather fun to play. After all, there’s nothing quite like dropping a ball of fire into some oil to explode a few bad guys for funsies.

If G String sounds like the game for you, you can grab it on Steam right now.

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