Frictional Games Continues Teasing Players With I Am Tasi Trailer

Hey there folks! I’m still hard at work getting all of my PAX East 2020 content squared away, but I just had to take a moment to talk about the new Frictional Games teaser. I’ve been following their new ARG-style releases since January, where I did some detective work and made the prediction that what we were seeing was NOT Soma 2. Well, it seems like I was right. In the new trailer for their still unannounced game, we get to see a sandstorm. The clever lads and ladies among you will note that—though sand is also found underwater—creating a storm out of the stuff requires wind. Wind is very hard to find underwater outside of fictional underwater research bases staffed by flatulent scientists. Ergo, it is unlikely that Next Frictional Game is taking place underwater. There’s also some kind of portal with floating rocks, which is very un-Soma-like.

Pictured above: not water

I haven’t had time to dig into any of the potential clues due to the previously mentioned PAX East work. If the name Tasi means anything to you, I’m all ears. The embryo on their website is also looking more fetus-like, smashing my prediction that it was the shrimp baby from Darkseed 2. Darn, guess I can’t be right all the time. If you’ve got some time on your hands to check it out, let me know what you find down that rabbit hole. Until then, check out our PAX coverage happening right now on the front page.

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