Fractured Veil Will Include PvE and PvP Gameplay

Upcoming survival game Fractured Veil will include hybrid PvEvP gameplay. With support for potentially hundreds of simultaneous players occupying a devastated Hawaiian island, there will be plenty of danger to encounter. Fractured Veil will come out Q2 of next year via Steam’s Early Access program.

Maui, devastated by the ravages of time, out-of-control technology, and mutants, has become something akin to hell on earth. Beaches that catered to tourists are bereft of their patrons, the remaining people on the island driven into hiding. Fractured Veil will also include lore about the region, along with Hawaiian weaponry. There’ll be base building, which mutants are eager to tear down. You can also travel across servers with their own biomes and weather patterns. NPC settlements can be a source of safety and danger, and the player will become stronger with RPG-style progression.

Fractured Veil Will Include Some Gorgeous Sights
If it weren’t for the debris and the mutants, it would be a very nice beach.

Curiously, after the transportation system devastated the world, humans realized they could no longer die for good. Each time they expired, they merely returned as a clone. Left with little choice but to rebuild, characters will scavenge the island for supplies. To survive, they’ll have to craft and fight back against both the mutants and each other.

Like many games in this genre, you can tackle Fractured Veil alone or in a group. Build shelters, hurry to outposts for quests and skill points, and build your perfect survivor. There will also be dungeons offering both great danger and great opportunities for loot.

Paddle Creek Games has set a Kickstarter campaign to start on Tuesday, September 7. Potential backers can find the campaign on the Kickstarter website. One can also Wishlist it on Steam and Follow it to follow Fractured Veil’s development. Linked above is the recent ominous Green Snatcher trailer.

Fractured Veil will be Paddle Creek Games’ first title. The independent studio has offices in Seattle, Washington and Montreal, Canada. Comprised of a dozen industry veterans, the company aims to make engaging and system-driven games.