FaZe Clan Sets Their Sites (No Scope of Course) On A Feature Horror Film

No “sike” to be found here, friends. There really is a crossover of esports and horror films on the horizon. Crimson is a movie by FaZe Clan and Gregory Plotkin. Plotkin is an experienced Hollywood editor, who has worked on horror films such as Get Out and Happy Death Day, but he is best known as the director for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. The film will also be starring FaZe Rug, playing himself. You can see the preview here, which starts at 2:57.

FaZe Clan is from a different end of the entertainment industry. The group originally began as a pro gamer clan, achieving high ranks in Call of Duty and Counter Strike. FaZe Clan has since transitioned into the professional esports scene as well as creating non video game related content as well. With well over 50 different members, ranging from well known rappers to 13 year old Fortnite savants, FaZe Clan has achieved billions of views throughout their various platforms. 

FaZe Rug himself has over 16 million subscribers, the most of the entire clan. The first video you see on FaZe Rug’s channel is him giving strangers $100 to scribble on his Lamborghini in white marker. This is a running theme in his videos, pranks, and stunts that are about what you’d expect from a 23-year-old hypebeast with infinite money. Giving service workers a thousand bucks to do something humiliating, lighting Yeezys on fire with Elon Musk’s weird little flamethrower, stuff of that nature. And of course, filming his own horror movie.

From the preview released today, Crimson is about FaZe Rug having bought his first house. Alone in a multi million dollar mansion will all kinds of IOT smart technology, Rug soon finds that things are amiss. Strange sounds can be heard in the night, and his new neighbours seem to have a penchant for clowning around. It’s a scary clown movie. There’s red balloons and everything.

FaZe Rug seems to have an appreciation for all things horror. His feed is dotted with videos of him spending the night in haunted hotels and using the Ouija board with the Clan. There’s also videos from years back about a scary clown breaking into his house, in case you were wondering where the inspiration for this film comes from.

FaZe Clan is the new generation of content creation, and FaZe Rug the new superstar. The explosion of success, from a gaming clan to an international media syndicate, is hard to process for someone of past generations. But, like the parents of yore not understanding why their child listens to Miles Davis instead of Bix Beiderbecke, this knowledge is not for us of the older generation to know.

Crimson will be available to stream on Inviz.tv, releasing on October 29th. You can pre-purchase tickets by clicking here. And for more information about FaZe Clan, find it yourself because I cannot bring myself to look through any more FaZe pages right now.

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