Experience Distress in Nemesis: Distress, An Upcoming Counter-Cooperative Multiplayer Game

There’s nothing more distressing than having a nemesis. I’m certain the cast of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis would be more than happy to tell you that. However, what you need is a nemesis controlled by another player. In comes Nemesis: Distress, an upcoming sci-fi multiplayer game where you’re both working with and against the other players you’re playing with. All you have to do is not die, and maybe fulfill a secret job or two along the way.

The basic idea is that you play as one of a few people who happen to wake up from hypersleep on a spaceship. While that may not sound like a bad thing, there’s a problem. The ship is currently in the process of being invaded by a race of alien creatures that can slowly evolve. The longer you let these aliens linger, the deadlier they become. If you want to take the alien threat on, it’s possible, but you’ll have to complete some objectives and try to either get the ship safely to Mars or get on some escape pods and get out.

However, as always, there’s a catch. Each survivor has a secret task known to them and them alone. Worse, some of these tasks may not jive with the rest of the group. After all, if you need to ensure someone dies, that’s just not good teamwork. While you can’t directly act against other players, you can try to lure them into situations that may be unhealthy for them. And if you happen to lock the door behind them and set the room they’re in on fire, well, that sounds like a them problem rather than a you problem, right? Right.

Nemesis: Distress is being made by two different developers, and you can wishlist the game on Steam here. One is Awaken Realms Digital, who earlier this month released a dark fantasy RPG into Early Access called Tainted Grail. The other developer is Ovid Works, who was behind the 2017 VR sci-fi game Interkosmos and is also working on upcoming adventure game Metamorphosis.

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