Endzone: A World Apart Continues The New Proud Tradition Of Sad City Management Sims

I’m kind of digging this trend of sad games in genres not normally about sad things. That Spintires game recently made truck games sad with a Chernobyl DLC. And Frostpunk made city management sad by making it about starvation and totalitarianism. I recently talked about Dark Moon continuing this trend and how it will soon be it’s own genre. I mean, I know I’m always right, but I didn’t expect to be right so quickly. Thanks Endzone: A World Apart!

Endzone: A World Apart is a new city management sim that takes place 150 years after the apocalypse. Nuclear war got mixed with climate change, and almost everyone died. The only people to survive were underground in some kind of safe-like and intellectually distinct bunkers. Like a place you’d store something valuable… oh well, can’t think of the word for it.

You take charge of a group of survivors as they emerge from the earth into a world both quiet and extremely dangerous. While the bombs are no longer dropping, the elements are still trying to kill you. You’ll need to build shelter, hunt for food, collect water, and create pour sources, all while trying to survive the inhospitable climate. Tons of shit is still radioactive, and deadly rain can kill you if you aren’t careful. Dust storms will blow through and destroy your crops, and the freshwater you so desperately rely on can become contaminated or dry up.

Building up your apocalypse shantytown isn’t all there is to do in Endzone: A World Apart. You’ll also be able to send your survivors on expeditions to the ruins of the old world. You’ll salvage valuable tech and supplies, and hopefully not die of radiation poisoning. You’ll also have to make various pivotal choices in how your community evolves. So yeah, kind of like Frostpunk, but with literal fallout. But not Fallout. No ghouls here.

So if you’re a big management nerd like me and want to check out Endzone: A World Apart, you can check out the game’s Steam store page here. Developed by Gentlymad, the game doesn’t release into Early Access until Spring 2020, but will be $20.99 to play when it does. There will also be a $30.99 backer edition, which includes the soundtrack.

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