Dying Light Still Getting Updates to Celebrate 6th Anniversary

While there’s still no word on when we can expect Dying Light 2, the original game is still getting love.

Today Techland has announced that Dying Light‘s 6th anniversary is happening, and they’re celebrating it with both an event and an item kit. The event, called Zombie Hunt, will last for two weeks. During the event you’ll have to hunt down undead GRE operatives, and try to save people along the way. Should you manage to do well enough, you’ll get special blueprints. There’s also a new bundle of DLC items, which include a new assault rifle, shotgun, hammer, and skins for armor and your buggy.

If you haven’t played Dying Light before, the game is a first person action RPG set in a city that has been quarantined due to a zombie outbreak. At first you’ll have to avoid zombies while trying to complete objectives, but before long you gained access to more tools to help you fight. You also had a super rad grappling hook that let you get around the city quickly. The game also had a major expansion that added in a buggy to drive, and a smaller expansion where you could go through a cursed arcade machine that was a portal to hell.

You can grab Dying Light on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. No word on when the sequel is coming out.

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