Dirty Land Shows Just How Real The Real Estate Sales Can Be

Indie developer Naturally Intelligent announced their new Kickstarter project today. Dirty Land is a story based game “of salesmanship, crime, and desperation.” In it you play as Frank Marsh, a financially (and possibly morally) bankrupt man who is forced to begin his life anew. Having fled to a new city and taken the first job that would accept him, Frank is now a real estate salesman for Pure Sky Properties. 

Working in sales is no ordinary job. The work doesn’t come to you, you have to get out there and fight for it. Each day has you following leads and building relationships, doing everything in your power to make that deal, no matter the cost. In Dirty Land, it’s all about A.B.C.; Always Be Closing. As the Kickstarter states, “the goal is selling worthless swampland to unsuspecting buyers for a profit. Will you discard your ethics to make a quick buck for you and your family, or will you take the high road and find a way to carve out an honest living?”

Dirty Land is not just about how unclean the real estate you sell is. There is a lot more to it than simply getting a paycheck. You’re a family man in a harsh world, where everyone is trying to survive. Stuck in the bottom of the crab bucket, you’ve got to be cunning if you wish to survive. Even if that means making sure someone else doesn’t.

You can join the Dirty Land Kickstarter by clicking here

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