Demons Ate My Neighbors! is a Rad Twin-stick Throwback Game

There’s always fond memories of the 1993 classic top-down shooter Zombies Ate My Neighbors. While the game did get a follow-up the next year with Ghoul Patrol, it never got another sequel after that, which is a real shame. Thankfully, it looks like an indie studio is taking things into their hands with the newly announced Demons Ate My Neighbors!.

Taking place in 1991, you play as April and Joey, a pair of friends that live in your normal 1991 suburb. At least until someone plays a cursed VHS tape, which unleashes demons that promptly go and posses everyone. Bummer! So with the town now taken over by demonic hoards, the two of them load their water guns with holy water and go about purifying the town. A rather admirable goal. Just they need to survive.

As you may expect with two playable characters, Demons Ate My Neighbors! will support co-op play. You can find various weapons that let you shoot more holy water, or changes your shot patterns. In addition to this you’ll have a handy-dandy radio with you. How else do you plan to find the demons? The radio can be leveled up by saving people, extending its range and letting you save even more people than you could before. Now that’s a useful tool.

If you’re ready for some twin stick cleansing action, Demons Ate My Neighbors! will be launching fall of 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist here.

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