Decision: Red Daze Releases Trailer

Decision: Red Daze released a new gameplay trailer today. The trailer shows off some of the most critical gameplay elements of the apocalyptic-themed action RPG. Along with the rest of in the trailer are depictions of its squad management and tower defense systems.

A deadly disease known as Red Daze runs rampant over the region while humanity tries to fight back. Decision: Red Daze takes place in the Dust Bowl, a wasteland populated by mutants, zombies, and even the occasional survivor. You’ll work to recruit these few survivors to your group while building a community and warding off the bacterial infection known as the Red Daze. Tower defense mechanics have you hold out against endless waves of zombies and mutants while you urgently, desperately try to find a cure.

Decision: Red Daze Screenshot mission
The mission interface will help you plan for the hordes to come.

The arid, hot, dusty region helped the Red Daze become airborne, which now threatens the entire continent. Its presence has affected the world while shaping history for thousands of years. Governments and world powers have fought over it, and now it has fallen into the hands of a group of determined survivors, soldiers, and scientists. Your character is the sole survivor of a militia group known as the Bears, rescued by another group of survivors. Work with these new survivors to protect your newfound home and comb the wasteland for usable supplies. Combine a massive map with a day-night cycle and you’ve got a survival action RPG on your hands.

Nordcurrent, the publisher, is based in Lithuania. Founded in 2002, it’s developed over 50 games and publishes on mobile devices and PCs. Cooking Fever is one of their biggest releases, with over 350 million downloads and 10 million active users.

FlyAnvil, the developer, began as a two-man team founded by two brothers. The pair have previous experience with Flash games, and have been developing since 2009. Their Decision series has received several awards, and the studio recently added a team of screenwriters. Decision: Red Daze will release on Steam some time in 2022, but keep an eye out for an impending more defined release date.