Deathground Is Alien: Isolation With Dinosaurs With Friends

Never has the term “teaser trailer” been more appropriate than for the Deathground video for Gamescom 2020. Truthfully, I’m surprised there was anything other than pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha footage at all. After the successful Kickstarter campaign earlier in the summer, I’d assumed this was going to be the first non-cinematic gameplay reveal, and indeed, it kind of was. But what it showed was infuriating, not because it looked bad but because it looked so awesome that I wanted to see much more. Exactly how, I suppose, a teaser is supposed to make you react.

Deathground looks like an awesome mashup of Jurassic Park and Alien: Isolation. It’s a single player or co-op survival horror game where you, the lowly human, are trying to survive against a hungry dinosaur. Stealth is critical for survival. As seen in the trailer, you are basically helpless against the raptors, T-rex, and whatever other dinosaur they seem fit to throw at us (here’s hoping for a megatherium, for bad players like me). 

Deathground has no release date, but you can check out their website for more information by clicking here. And to wishlist the game on Steam, click here

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