Deathground Gameplay Gives Us a Glimpse at Dinosaur Survival

Recently Deathground caught our eye by being, well, the Jurassic Park horror game we always wanted just no one ever made. However, people considering backing it on Kickstarter did have one important question: how did it play? Well good news, Jaw Drop Games has put out a gameplay trailer to show us.

The answer? Dinosaurs are terrifying. The two minute video shows a player trying to sneak around while avoiding dinosaurs. We get to see some of the situations you can expect to be tossed into, such as trying to find a fuse for a fuse box, or hacking a door so you can open it. We also got to see the motion sensor, which gave some great Alien vibes in your dinosaur game. The trailer ended with a T-Rex crashing the party and promptly bringing down one of the smaller dinosaurs.

Notably, Deathground‘s gameplay trailer didn’t show any combat. While the Kickstarter page did show you could fight back, one of the classes is a hunter built around it, it appears we only got to see one of the tech classes. It did give us a sneak peak at a wooded area though. While most of the demo was inside, there was a brief outdoor section. It did a fantastic job building up atmosphere and really making you wonder what’s out there. Not a place I’d like to be anyway.

You can support Deathground on Kickstarter still, with the game currently a little under 80% of the way to its goal. Additionally, it now has a Steam page so you can add it to your wishlist as well.

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