Death Stranding Director’s Cut Coming Spring 2022

Delivery simulator Death Stranding will be getting a fresh coat of paint this spring. The Death Stranding Director’s Cut will come to both Steam and the Epic Games Store when it launches later this year. Originally released in 2019 on the PlayStation 4 and PC, the Director’s Cut is available now for the Sony PlayStation 5.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut boasts high framerate, a photo mode, and support for ultra-wide monitors. Thanks to Intel’s Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) technology, it will use machine learning to provide high graphical detail and better performance. There is also crossover content from Valve’s Half-Life series and CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 making appearances.

Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) stars as Sam Bridges. Set in the near future, a series of explosions heralded a chain of events known as the Death Stranding. With eerie spectral figures haunting the land and life on the planet on the verge of extinction, Sam must travel through the wastelands to save humanity from its doom.

“We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Intel for Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PC. Death Stranding has been a hugely popular game with PC players and we’re excited to see how Intel’s new XeSS technology will enhance player experiences for Director’s Cut.”

Neil Ralley, President of 505 Games

505 Games is a Digital Bros subsidiary. The publisher offers a broad selection of video games for all ages and aptitudes around the world. 505 Games offers both premium and free-to-play games on consoles, PC platforms, and various mobile devices. Their titles include Death Stranding, Control, Journey to the Savage Planet, and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Hideo Kojima established Kojima Productions in late 2015. Many know Kojima from his work on the Metal Gear Solid series. Metal Gear Solid is a staple of the stealth game genre and pillar of cinematic storytelling in video games. Death Stranding, released 2019, is the studio’s first title. Kojima received a BAFTA Fellowship accolade for his contributions to the industry in 2020.