Deadeus Offers an Open-World Lovecraftian Adventure for Your Game Boy

The Game Boy has been seeing more games showing up for it recently, and Deadeus is the latest making its way to the platform.

A top-down horror game, you take the role of a normal young boy. Well, sorta normal. You see, you received a rather terrifying prophetic dream promising that everyone you know and love will die in three days, and that may also lead to the end of the world. So you need to investigate the town and figure out how to stop this event from occurring. There’s plenty of choices you can make along the way, and depending on what you do you’ll get one of 11 different endings.

However, it’s not just that Deadeus looks and feels like a Game Boy game. It actually is a Game Boy game. While the rom is free for your computer, there is an actual physical cartridge that you can order, which comes with a cardboard Game Boy-styled case, instruction booklet, and, of course, game cartridge. This has been happening quite a bit recently, with comedic horror adventure game Where Is My Body? also getting a Game Boy release, and fantasy adventure game The Shapeshifter in the middle of a kickstarter for one.

You can currently grab Deadeus for free on, or you can order an actual Game Boy cartridge here.

  • Simo Turkia
    January 28, 2021

    Deadeus is by no means a new game. This game is from 2019.
    A new trailer? wtf

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