Dead Island 2 Reveals Dani, New Slayer

Dead Island 2 will be moving forward with production with the introduction of a new character. After years in limbo, the first-person zombie-slaying experience will come to PCs and consoles April 28. Snag it on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PCs (via the Epic Games Store) this spring. Dani’s trailer is available now, along with the other Slayers, on the Dead Island YouTube channel.

Dani hails from County Cork in Ireland, and she is all about breaking rules, making trouble, and taking names. She’s a rockabilly brawler and ex-roller derby contestant whose retail experience lets her slash more than prices in the glamorous, blood-stained world of HELL-A. Her starting skills include Bloodlust, a heal that activates when slaying multiple zombies in a short time period, and Thunderstruck, which allows her Heavy Attacks to trigger a forceful explosion when the attack connects. Joining Dani in her undead-slaying quest are fellow Slayers Carla, Amy, Jacob, and Ryan. You can learn more about the new cast of characters on the official Dead Island 2 website (age restricted). You’re sure to find someone you like, whether it’s himbo exotic dancer Ryan, rockstar stockbroker turned stuntman Jacob, or spirited Paralympian athlete Amy or another slayer entirely.

Dead Island 2 Dani Screenshot Shotgun
Dani’s initial kit suggests she will specialize in killing hordes of weaker enemies and making use of her heavy attacks for a burst of damage.

Dead Island 2 is a sequel to the original Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide by Deep Silver. Its emphasis on melee combat and careful gameplay has earned it a cult following. The series also spawned the mystery-survival games, Escape Dead Island and 2D beat-em-up Dead Island Retro Revenge Other titles by the company include Dying Light and its sequel, the latter of which which released last year.