DAP Released Today On Steam

Combining aspects of Princess Mononoke and Pikmin, DAP released today on the Steam storefront. Australian studio Melting Parrot has earned two awards at this year’s BitSummit for their work on DAP, including Excellence in Sound Design and the coveted Vermillion Gate Award.

In DAP, players are tasked with collecting and guiding the titular creatures through a nightmarish, corrupted forest. The Daps will have to fight terrifying creatures, uncover ancient lore, and solve complicated puzzles. Whatever serious infection has cursed the forest, however, will not spare them. Even the cute, industrious, and fragile-looking little Daps can be corrupted into something utterly horrifying. Only through caring for your Daps and strategizing can you hope to bring them somewhere safe. When finishing levels, one can tend to their spirit world garden to relax, but they’ll need to return to the forest realm eventually in order to scavenge and craft.

DAP Released Screenshot Pods
The world of DAP is dangerously beautiful, as evidenced by these carnivorous-looking plant pods.

A new launch trailer from Melting Parrot showed off some of the impressive pixelated visuals and the strategic gameplay. It’s linked above, but you can also watch it on YouTube if you prefer. Thanks to a special promotion, right now, you can pick up DAP on Steam for 20% off. The promotion will run until October 6, so there’s plenty of time to snag it now that DAP’s released. You can also Wishlist and follow DAP on the official Steam page to get the latest DAP news.

Iris and Paul Anstey founded Melting Parrot Games together. The two are a husband-and-wife team based in Melbourne, Australia. Paul worked on level design and audio while Iris handled the art and coding. Both contributed to the design aspects of DAP. DAP released September 29 and is Melting Parrot Games’ first release. They have opted to publish it independently on the Steam storefront.