Crysis Remaster Is Coming To Re-Melt Your Graphics Card

Crysis was supposedly a “future proof” game. When it was first revealed, the graphics were unlike any other game at the time. Cryteam added graphical options with the intention that it would be scaled as needed, and with that in mind they allowed it to be scaled up to the highest degree imaginable. But computers have surpassed the imaginations of Crytek in the aughts. Now, it’s time to see if they can create a future proof game again.

Crytek has announced that there will be a new, HD edition for their flagship game, Crysis. For those unfamiliar, Crysis is a series about a man in super armor, known as a nanosuit, roaming around a tropical island fighting an occupying force of North Koreans (and perhaps something more??). Except fighting is not quite accurate, as you are more so bullying the woefully unprepared DPRK soldiers. You may choose one of four ‘modes’ for your nanosuit; armor that makes you extremely resistant to damage, strength to throw massive objects and punch combatants hard enough that they fly several meters away, running at jaguar speed, or a predator-style cloaking ability. It is not at all a fair fight, and a lot of fun. 

A remastered edition of Crysis raises some questions about the graphics upgrades. As some may recall, Crysis was the best looking game at the time, and for several years after. The game was made with Cryengine, a system leaps and bounds away from its contemporaries in visual quality, the ability to run Crysis became the metric for seeing how good your gaming rig was. Even with HD textures, optimization, parallax occlusion (whatever the fuck that means), particle effects, and more, it is hard to picture how much better this game can possibly look. 

Crytek is planning on releasing Crysis Remastered sometime this summer for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and even Nintendo Switch. You can find more info on the Crysis Remastered website here. Re-releasing a truly timeless game seems like a great idea for all of us. Crysis is one of the best first-person shooters ever made, and porting to modern consoles is something I am definitely looking forward to. 

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