Crown Trick, Nightmarish Roguelike, Getting Ports This August

Originally launching 2020 on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, the roguelike Crown Trick will bring its brand of nightmares to consoles. Starting August 31, owners of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can download Crown Trick and explore the vast, torturous, tortuous labyrinth. A free content update, known as Requiem of Elements, launched today as well for Nintendo Switch and Steam owners.

Elle, the protagonist of Crown Trick, must use her wits and tools at her disposal to navigate the labyrinth safely. Enemies and traps only move when Elle does, forcing her to plan her moves carefully lest she fall prey to the dangers within. These synchronous turns will have players using a mix of skills, Familiars, and of course weapons to escape the Nightmare Realm.

The Requiem of Elements DLC has players enter the Dungeons of the Deep, a new, endless mode that will randomly generate various traps and enemies. Players attempt to survive as long as possible. Requiem of Elements also includes new weapons, relics, Familiars, skills, and achievements. There are plenty of ways to build Elle for survival, with dozens of active skills, even more passives, a variety of items, and plenty of special relics.

Crown Trick Combat Screenshot
Everything moves when you move. Tread carefully.

NExT Studios, the developer, is also joint-publishing with Team17 Group plc. NExT Studios strives for high-quality, reputable games by experimenting with new designs, using new advances in gaming technology, and working with new platforms and game genres. Other games developed by NExT Studios include Biped, a co-op action-adventure title, Bladed Fury, an ancient China-inspired hack-and-slash RPG, and Iris.Fall, a horror puzzle game using the duality of light and darkness.

Team17 Group plc, founded in 1990, is a developer and gaming label. Published titles include the chaotic co-op kitchen simulator Overcooked!, action platformer Blasphemous, and My Time At Portia, a farming simulator with a post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

Crown Trick is currently available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.