Conscript Reveal Trailer Mixes Silent Hill and The Great War

World War 1 is about as close as you can get to hell on earth. It really cannot be overstated how horrific WW1 was. Countless soldiers trapped in muddy trenches ankles deep in mud and bodily fluids, sleeping next to the decaying bodies of fallen comrades, waiting for artillery to hit at any time, unable to trust even the air around them to not bring death. People at the time literally thought it was the apocalypse. Suffice to say that on its own WW1 is a great setting for a horror game. But why stop with the horrors of war, when you could add the horrors of horror as well?

Yesterday, Catchweight Studio (who I believe is just one guy) uploaded the reveal trailer for Conscript, their upcoming survival horror game. Conscript takes place during the Battle of Verdun. You play as a lone French soldier who must survive the brutal trench warfare while searching for your brother. But as the trailer shows, you have more to worry about than some 17 year old guy named Helmut Bratwurst Jr. swinging a spiked trench club. Similar to Silent Hill, the lines between what is real and what is not seems to blur, with PTSD induced visions of madness and gasmask wearing humanoids crawling on the ground. 

The gameplay for Conscript looks similar to Silent Hill as well, albeit from a different camera angle. Much of the gameplay seems to consist of fighting off various enemies and solving puzzles in order to  progress. The graphics for Conscript look stunning as well, reminiscent of classic 90s pixel art, similar to that of Fallout 2 and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. Basically, Conscript seems like a combination of everything I think is cool. 

Conscript now has a Steam page, which you can check out and very likely add to your wishlist here. And you can also find more information at the game’s official website, or by following their Twitter here.

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