Break the Bank Dead Cells Update Live Now

The Break the Bank update for Dead Cells is now live on consoles and PCs, according to Motion Twin and Evil Empire. Hot on the heels of the The Queen & The Sea update, this marks the 28th update for Dead Cells, and includes a new biome, weapons, QoL adjustments, and more.

In the new optional underground biome, The Bank, players can nab a ton of cash on a run with increased loot. It will begin to appear after players have reached The Hand of the King and randomly in transition rooms. Three new types of enemies accompany the update, along with a veritable host of other dangers eager to rob you of your ill-gotten gains. Agitated Pickpockets will claw at your coin purse, Gold Gorgers grow as they collect gold, and the Gold Kamikazi is a bat that drops far, far too much money. If you need, you can take out a loan at the start to help your early game, too. Don’t truly break the bank and forget you’ll need to pay them back!

Break the Bank Dead Cells Screenshot
Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes it’s blood.

Several weapon accompanied the update. First is the Gold Digger, which gives the player money on hit and critical hits for the truly wealthy. The Dagger of Cupidity crits for three seconds after obtaining gold, and the Money Shooter fires off all of your money in a storm of deadly projectiles. Two bank-related outfits and three mutations round out the content. Midas’ Blood gives gold on health loss, Gold Plating turns your money pile into a substitute for a health bar, and Get Rich Quick stacks bonus gold by killing enemies with a speed increase which you can cash in when it wears off.

“This update marks the beginning of a new era for Dead Cells. We have an array of content and ideas we are still creating on our side and it’s important to us to reassure fans who maybe thought after the last paid DLC that we were winding down on development. That is not the case, and we consider Update 28 still in the middle of the game’s lifecycle so there’s certainly more to come.”

Steve Filby, CEO, Evil Empire