Bloodborne Meets Zelda In Retro Action RPG Hunt The Night

Publisher DANGEN Entertainment revealed today the fir5st trailer for their upcoming game, Hunt the Night. The first title by Spanish developer Moonlight Games, Hunt the Night is a dark fantasy RPG in the style of retro 16-bit games. As the press release states, “Players who love the rewarding challenge of Bloodborne and Souls-like dark fantasy games, but enjoy the exploration and graphic style of classics like The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana will find interest in Hunt the Night.”

In Hunt the Night you play as Vesper, a warrior of the Stalkers’ Order. In this world dominated by demonic creatures, Stalkers are humans capable of using the power of darkness to fight back the monster hordes. Vesper’s quest is to cross the realm of Medhram and save humanity from annihilation.

Hunt the Night looks to be a seamless mix of old and new. Top-down combat of classic RPG games is contrasted with fast and dynamic combat of modern gaming design. Weapon combos, deploying spells, experimenting with new builds. All this seems to be a part of Hunt the Night’s gameplay. 

For more information, or to wishlist the game, check out the Hunt the Night Steam page by clicking here

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