Bloober Team Developing Silent Hill 2 Remake

Silent Hill fans finally eating good tonight. After approximately 84 years, today’s SILENT HILL Transmission has revealed a remake for 2001 classic Silent Hill 2. Successor to the first game in the series, it has long received praise as one of the best games of its era, genre, and all time. One can wishlist it now on their PlayStation 5, but there is no confirmed release date at this time. Bloober Team (The Medium, Layers of Fear) is in charge of its development. Given the evidence it really seems that, yes, the Polish fortune teller was correct.

James Sunderland is a troubled man. One day, he receives a letter from his wife, Mary, which urges him to journey to Silent Hill. Mary, however, is long dead of a terminal disease at the start of the game. James travels through the town, encountering a number of other, similarly-troubled people along the way. The original featured a number of endings, with three unlockable after the first playthrough. Even to this day, fans debate which is the canon ending. Updated versions of the game include the Born from a Wish scenario, where players take control of supporting character Maria, and the UFO joke ending. The survival horror experience features a variety of melee weapons and firearms for James to use to defend himself from the creatures roaming the tortuous (and torturous) halls of crumbling hospitals and dilapidated apartment complexes.

Silent Hill 2 Remake Screenshot James Mary Gazebo
James encounters a shadowy figure reminiscent of his dead wife. Things are liable to change in development, but as a certified gamer and world record speedrunner I have to say it looks really cool.

Producer Motoi Okamoto noted that they approached longtime concept artist Masahiro Ito nearly three years ago for the project. Beloved composer Akira Yamaoka will also return, though was unable to make the presentation. He does feature in an interview segment. “I hope to create something that will have the same impact as when Silent Hill 2 was first released,” he stated. Piotr Babieno (CEO of Bloober Team) said that the team intends to “approach our work with a great respect to the original game.” Perhaps the biggest, most obvious change is the transition from extensive use of fixed camera angles to a modern over-the-shoulder camera to help immerse players in the horrors of the town.

“We want Silent HIll 2 to make the same strong impression today that the original game did 21 years ago. While we want to achieve the same result, players’ expectations evolve over time, and certain things need to be modernized to have the same or similar effect.”

Mateusz Lenart, Creative Director, Lead Designer (Bloober Team)

Bloober Team, founded in 2008, has produced a number of games in the horror genre, including Blair Witch, Observer, and more. The Polish developer has cemented itself as a horror staple thanks to its focus on quality content and unsettling concepts.

Publisher Konami offers games in a variety of genres. The long-running company is known for classics such as Castlevania, Silent Hill, and Metal Gear Solid, among many many others.