BLASPHEMOUS Releasing Physical Collectors Edition November 15th

I always love it when an unabashedly hardcore indie game manages to cut through the noise and find mainstream success. Blasphemous is one of those games that would never get made by a major studio out of fear of alienating the ever-growing flagellant demographic. And for that, we love it. You can check out our full review here if you want to see just how much we love it.

So if you’re one of those psychopaths that still demands physical copies of games, you’re in luck. Publisher Team17 and Limited Run Games are teaming up to bring Blasphemous a run of physical copies. Starting November 15th, you’ll be able to head over to Limited Run Games and order your own copy. There will be two versions available: the Standard Edition, and the super special Limited Collector’s Edition.

As you can see, both editions are available starting November 15th. There’s a lot of information in that first tweet though, so let me parse it down for you. As the name implies, supplies for the Limited Collector’s Edition will be, well, limited. There are two chances to purchase it. The first batch goes live at 10 AM ET, and the second at 6 PM ET. Let me say that again in bold. If you want your chance to purchase the Blasphemous Limited Collectors Edition, head over to Limited Run Games November 15th at 10 AM ET or 6 PM ET for your chance to snag a copy.

If you’re curious about what’s in the collector’s edition, I’ll link the contents again below. Just in case the Tweet gets deleted or something. The contents are sweet, so if you’re a Blasphemous fan you’ll definitely want to check it out. And all else said, it’s pretty cool that this little indie game is getting the AAA treatment of a boxed collectors edition. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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