Bite The Bullet Announces Upcoming Arcade Cabinet Special Edition

In anticipation of their upcoming game, Mega Cat Studios has some exciting new merch. Soon you will be able to buy a full-sized Bite the Bullet arcade cabinet. With a limited run of only 50 cabinets being built, these are high quality and made to be as authentic as possible, minus the part where you lose all of your $12 allowance. 

Bite the Bullet is a roguelite platformer-shooter where you play as a super soldier in a post-apocalyptic world. But what makes these soldiers so super is their powerful genetically modified stomachs. They can eat any enemy they come across and use it to power themselves up. Eat lots of protein and you gain super strength. Eat lots of fats and become a big huge obese tank. The world of Bite the Bullet is your oyster, and you’ve got a shucker. Man, that joke sucked. Can’t believe I typed that…

Bite the Bullet will be available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and arcade cabinet. The arcade cabinets are not for sale just yet, but when they are, you’ll be able to find them and every other special edition here. And for more information on Bite the Bullet, you can check out our PAX East 2020 coverage of it here.

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