Bendy and the Ink Machine Spin-off Game Boris and the Dark Survival Launches Today

Okay kids, grandpa Ted needs your help again. Is Bendy and the Ink Machine still cool? It was all the rage just a few years ago. I even still have one of the exclusive figures the developers were handing out at E3 2018. They had a whole booth and merch store setup, so I’m guessing the youths were pretty down with the Bendy for a while at least. The game itself is pretty great, combining an old-timey cartoon style with pants-shitting horror. But if I buy my nephew a Bendy toy, will I seem like an old man?

Well, at least now I can just buy him a Boris the Wolf toy and be cool again. Releasing today, Boris and the Dark Survival is a new survival horror game from Joey Drew Studios. Set in the Bendy and the Ink Machine extended universe, Boris and the Dark Survival puts you in the shoes of the eponymous Boris the Wolf. The game tasks you with hunting through a randomly generated abandoned cartoon studio (The Dark Studio) looking for six parts to repair a lift. As you hunt around, keep an eye out for a plethora of secret rooms, objects, and audio logs. These will give you even more insight into the BEU (Bendy Extended Universe). Just watch out for the evil Ink Demon. He’s drawn to every sound you make.

Love Bendy or not, the big draw of Boris and the Dark Survival is that it only costs a dollar. That’s an acceptable price for even the most basic of games. You can even play it on your phone (provided you have an Android). If you want to check out the newest Bendy adventure, you can find it Steam by clicking the link here.

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