Become the Cat That Survives Horrors in Etched Memories

Most horror games have you playing as a normal human being afraid. Not Etched Memories, where you instead control a normal cat.

Yes, a cat. Also the cat wears a little backpack to store his items in. And is named Biscuit. Honestly, selling myself on how awesome this is more and more by the minute. However, as adorable as all of this sounds, Etched Memories is still a horror game, and you’ll be exploring a dark world and trying to solve a mystery. What is that mystery? Well, your owner has gone missing, and you need to find out what happened to her.

It’s just super unique that, instead of playing as a regular person, you’re taking control of a cat. Biscuit seems to have the skills you’d expect from other horror game characters. In the trailer, we get to see Biscuit jump through a window and then action roll, go through his inventory for items, unlock doors, and more. The game alternates between third-person, when you’re exploring outside, and first-person, for when you’re inside. It never alternates from being adorable though, even if Biscuit is in life or death situations.

While Etched Memories doesn’t currently have a release date, you can try the game’s demo on Steam right now.

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