Be Afraid of Be Not Afraid, The Weird and Wild Horror Game Show Video Game

Most game shows are pretty well known for being at least a little wacky. Take Wipeout for example, and how it challenges players to navigate a wild obstacle course without getting hurt. They get hurt all the time and it’s hilarious. Now try to apply that concept to horror, and suddenly things are rather different. Be Not Afraid A.K.A. Seraphim Horror Show!? is certainly a novel concept, and seeks to do just that. Also it is wacky as all hell, and seems like a great fit for something bizarre.

You play as a “lucky” human chose to participate in a game show for the angelic seraphim’s entertainment. However, these aren’t just “people wing wings” but the classic version of seraphims. They have too many wings, too many eyes, all the limbs are in the wrong spot, and worse. Simply, they are impossible to comprehend. This means that Be Not Afraid has one very important catch: if you hang out on the game show too long, you’ll go insane and you melt into a puddle of goop. Not only do you need to win the game show with a high score, but you need to do it before losing yourself.

Of course, the inability to understand angelic forms also comes to their actual games. The minigames you’ll be playing are bizarre, having you need to find a friend to learn a passcode, type words faster than another contestant, or navigate a hand down a tunnel while avoiding traps. You also get to use a drill to spin a wheel, which is always a delight. Survive these minigames, and you may just have a chance to escape. Or at least not melt.

Be Not Afraid A.K.A. Seraphim Horror Show!? is currently available to buy on The game was developed by Autumn Rain, behind games such as Sewer Rave and Heckle Dungeon.

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