Back 4 Blood Trailer Reveals PC Features

Back 4 Blood won’t release until this October, but a new trailer put out today revealed some features for the PC version.

The PC version of Back 4 Blood will boast 4K resolution at launch, along with ultrawide and multi-monitor support. It will also have an uncapped framerate. NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and other graphic options also make an appearance. Last, but not least, the PC version will include cross-play support.

Back 4 Blood Trailer Ridden
The Ridden will prove to be unsettling adversaries.

Players take control of one of several different characters, or Cleaners. Each Cleaner boasts different abilities to kill Ridden or otherwise support their team, like better healing or more item slots. Most of humanity has been infected with the Devil Worm, a horrific parasite. These Cleaners arrive in teams of four and work together to cut down and blast to pieces every last Ridden. More information about the Cleaners and the Ridden is available on the official website. Back 4 Blooc will feature immense replayability with its dynamic PvE campaigns. Developer Turtle Rock Studios previously developed the first Left 4 Dead game, which released in late 2008. Their other claim to fame is the 2015 Evolve, a 4v1 asymmetric fps title with four hunters working to take down a single dangerous monster.

Back 4 Blood will release on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store for PCs. It will also come to the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Back 4 Blood releases October 12. An Open Beta will run from August 5 until August 9 for pre-orders. A later Open Beta will run August 12-16 and be available for all players. Back 4 Blood will include cross-play and cross-gen support. Players can register for the Open Beta on the official site. Don’t forget to check out the new (age-gated) Back 4 Blood trailer, as well.