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Back 4 Blood Reveals Extended Trailer

Back 4 Blood received an extended trailer for this year’s E3, courtesy of Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios. The first-person co-op zombie shooter included a first look at its competitive PvP mode (“Swarm”) as well. Back 4 Blood will come to Xbox Game Pass on its October 12 launch. It’ll be available on the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs. The announcement included an official gameplay reveal, visible on the YouTube channel (age restricted). Back 4 Blood will also release on Steam, the Epic Games Store, the PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Turtle Rock Studios developed the original Left 4 Dead, and its predecessor’s influence is palpable. A parasite, the Devil Worm, has either killed or infected most of humanity. A group of survivors, known as the Cleaners, must work together to take on the Ridden and reclaim the world for humanity. Players can choose one of eight different Cleaners, and further customize them to their liking. Each of the eight Cleaners bring something unique to the table, from generating ammo on kills to making healing more efficient. The Card System adds rogue-lite elements to make things easier or more catastrophic for the Cleaners, with the ability to choose between pre-made decks and even make your own. The Game Director also returns from the Left 4 Dead series, constantly cooking up new ways to torment the players.

Back 4 Blood Cleaners Screenshot
After sinking hundreds of hours into Left 4 Dead 2, you can hop onto Back 4 Blood just in time for Halloween.

Pre-orders for Back 4 Blood will include early entry into the Early Access Open Beta (August 5-9), and a Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skin Pack. Players can also attempt to get into the beta via the official site, though spots and codes are limited. This Open Beta will run August 12-16, and will be available for all players. All of the platforms include cross-play and cross-gen support. Both Open Betas will be accessible on all consoles and on PC. The Extended E3 trailer is available online as well (age-restricted). Wishlist and follow Back 4 Blood on Steam today.

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