Atomic Heart’s New Trailer Is Playing With My Emotions

I want Atomic Heart so fucking bad. I don’t usually don’t let myself love by trailers alone. I need some quality hands-on time before I’m ready to commit. But Atomic Hearts… just gets me. We have the same taste in music, the same dark sense of humor, the same passion for post-collapse soviet wonderlands. Honestly, I’m about to buy a ticket to Russia and make this official. I don’t care about the rumors that the developer Mundfish went through massive layoffs that resulted in a downgrade of the overall quality. They have a new trailer! And you can’t just lie in trailers. Right?

In all seriousness, I do hope that Atomic Heart is great. When the first trailer came out, it made the kind of splash that only the totally happy and not at all tortured whales at SeaWorld make during one of their totally organic and not at all abusive live shows. It showed off a whimsically grotesque nuclear-punk carnival of carnage, and had a great soundtrack to boot. It also got some gameplay trailers, which let us know it wasn’t all pre-rendered nonsense. Until today, it’s been mostly radio silence. While it isn’t totally uncommon for games to go dark for a year as they focus on development, games like Routine and Aliens: Colonial Marines have hurt me too many times to not have my doubts.

With the newest trailer, it looks like Atomic Heart is on track to teach me to love once again. Set to the lovely melody of Strauss’ The Blue Danube Waltz, we get to see more whimsical mayhem and fantasy violence. Shash robots with hammers. Fight giant plant monsters with googly eyes. Swim through water… tunnels? Not sure how else to describe those.

While we still don’t have an official release date, you can still pre-order Atomic Heart on the Mundfish website. With the upcoming release of the PS5, it’s unclear of Atomic Heart is headed to the newest gen. Currently, pre-orders still only exist for PC and PS4. As with all games, pre-order at your own risk.

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