Alan Wake Remastered Key Art

Alan Wake Remastered Launching Fall 2021

Remedy Entertainment announced Alan Wake Remastered today, bringing the 2010 title into the modern gaming era. Epic Games Publishing will present the horror title. The remastered game will include both the main campaign and two DLCs: The Signal and The Writer. Remedy revealed the game on The Sudden Stop, an Alan Wake and Remedy fansite. Sam Lake wrote an open letter, posting it to the community first in support of the studio and game’s fans.

Alan Wake Remastered will launch this fall, coming to the PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4/Pro and 5, Xbox Series One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. Alan Wake originally launched on the Xbox 360 and received a PC port a few years later, making this the first time that it comes to Sony consoles. Alan Wake Remastered will include updates to its visuals, now rendered in 4K, and commentary from Sam Lake, the creative director. Updates will include lighting, Alan’s character model, and the various cinematics.

The original Alan Wake starred the titular character, a troubled author. After his wife, Alice, goes missing from Bright Falls, a locale in the Pacific Northwest, he journeys to find her. Along the way, he finds pages from a horror story he’d allegedly written, but Alan has no recollection of doing so. His search takes a turn for the disturbing when he realizes that, page by page, the events on the pages become reality. Armed with only a flashlight, a handgun, and his flagging nerves, Alan must find answers in the blackest, bleakest night. The story, told in an episodic format, follows the twists and turns as Alan attempts to fight back against the darkness.

Sam Lake’s open letter urged readers to “stay tuned for more information soon.” Remedy will likely reveal the specific release date within the next few weeks.