Akapura Announces Release Date For Surreal Metroidvania GRIME

Akapura Games revealed today that their surreal Soulslike game GRIME will be released in just over one month. The first title by studio Clover Bite, GRIME mixes the exploration of Metroidvanias and the hardcore combat of Souls games.

Set in a strange world of living stone creatures, GRIME has you playing as a singularity come to life. A sort of sentient black hole on a humanoid body born into existence out of nothing, you find yourself in a hostile universe, with the desire to consume. Not much more story than that, but then, there need to be? A game that’s weird for the sake of being weird is a-okay with me. 

GRIME is a Metroidvania game, and as the new trailer shows, the black hole son will be getting a number of powerful moves. As the website states: 

Consume bosses to gain game-changing abilities. Hunt down and absorb challenging monsters to progress through your skill tree and bring true customization to your play style.

Parrying projectiles, manipulating the environment, and of course, cool air combos, are all part of the GRIME protagonist’s arsenal for traversing this harsh landscape. But will it be enough? 

GRIME will be available on August 2nd. For more information, check out the game’s website by clicking here. And be sure to wishlist GRIME on Steam by clicking here.